• Daddy’s Day

    Sunday was a much needed day for me. I stayed home with the kids, ran errands and spent some good time doing normal “family” stuff while Jeff went to Levine’s to be with Morgan. On one hand it felt sad not being in the hospital – where I really felt I needed to be – but on the other hand it was good to be with our other kiddos who I missed so much. They all seemed to be happy that mom was home to hang out with them.

    Jeff and I remained in contact most of the day. He would text me updates letting me know who the nurse was (it was Barbara – she hadn’t been Morgan’s nurse before, but we knew her from just being around the hospital so much) as well as any new developments of what would be happening. He was able to hold her and rock her which he was so excited to do. She was sleepy most of the day but seemed content that he was there.

    When the afternoon rolled around I get a picture of Barb holding a bunch of tubes. “Won’t be needing THESE any more!” was the caption… they took a way her central line and her IV! I was so happy!! I was bummed that I couldn’t be there for the milestone – but was very happy that Jeff could be there!

    Jeff’s mom, Susan, drove down in the late afternoon to visit for a while. While she was there it was announced that Morgan was no longer needing to be in the CVICU, that she can graduate to progressive care! What??!!! She had just been extubated 24 hours ago! And she is practically ready to go HOME??!!

    Progressive care is where patients are placed so they have a private room and are not monitored as closely as when they are in the CVICU. It is the step where family typically stays with them to learn how to care for them prior to discharge.

    Jeff called and asked if I wanted to stay the night. I was excited at the prospect – he indicated that she would be in a room alone and I thought there was no way I would want to leave her alone!! I packed a bag, packed up the kids and headed down to Charlotte.

    The awesome part about progressive care is that Morgan could finally have visitors – and her sisters can finally meet her! I was so excited about this – because Taylor was so anxious to meet her new baby sister. She knew a little bit about Morgan and Jeff had used very 5-year-old friendly descriptions on what was wrong with her but she was none the less excited to finally meet Miss Morgan.

    When we arrived to the room I showed Taylor where to “foam in”. The hospital has foaming hand sanitizer stations at the entrance to every room as a way to keep the spread of germs at bay. Jeff was thinking it might be a good idea to install the wall dispensers at home… just in case anyone brings home bad germs that could be easily contracted by Morgan ;-).

    Taylor was in awe over her baby sister. Grandma Smith was rocking Morgan when we arrived and Taylor immediately went over to look at her. “Can I touch her head?” “Yes, as long as you sanitize your hands first you can touch her”.

    I pointed out Morgan to Brooklyn. She was excited to see a baby. I told her it was her baby sister and she immediately pointed to her tummy and then to mine. “Yes, your baby sister isn’t in mommy’s tummy any more!”. It was so sweet that she remembers us talking about her baby sister when I was pregnant – it is great she remembers this!

    The attention on Morgan didn’t last long, the girls found the window and thought it was pretty cool to look down at the people and cars going by.

    When I took Morgan to hold and rock her, Brooklyn was quite skeptical. She started to fuss a bit – but Grandma said “let’s find a snack…” and took her and Taylor to the family snack lounge.

    I was in heaven again – holding my beautiful girl! She was down to just her PICC line, the wires to monitor her stats, her cannula for oxygen and her feeding tube. Such a difference 24 hours makes in this place!

    You are SO close baby girl!! SO CLOSE!!

    The girls came back with grandma and we all visited for a short while. It was getting late and Brooklyn was visibly tired, so Jeff kissed Morgan and I goodbye and left with the kids and Grandma.

    I was so happy to be there with my baby girl. I was relieved, actually, that I could be able to be mom to her for really the very first time. I prayed to God to thank him for this precious gift – and to help me be there for her through recovery. The happy feeling is so overwhelming! Just one week prior we were falling apart and didn’t know if we would ever be able to take our baby girl home – and now, after being through open heart surgery, our baby was so close to finally coming home!

    Happy… happy… happy :-)

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