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    “A Minute in our Arms, Forever in our Hearts”
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    So as of today it has been one month since my sweet Morgan passed away. It seems as though it has been an eternity. So much pain and sadness have been felt the past month. At times it is unbearable. At other times I feel sort of “ok”. Everyone says “grief is a process”… well, it’s certainly processing.

    We finally ordered and received the urn for her. We hated that she didn’t have her final “resting place” but for a while we just couldn’t bring ourselves to order it. We wanted something that didn’t seem sad or to blatantly obvious. She is a baby – she needed something special. But we knew that we definitely wanted something that would hold her photo. This way, she can still participate in our family photos and people would know she was there. It may seem sad – but she will ALWAYS be part of our family… even in family photos.

    I believe the urn we chose is a great tribute to her. I ordered the medium one (not the small one) because I wanted the larger photos to be displayed. This was important I thought. We ordered online at Perfect Memorials (www.perfectmemorials.com). We wanted to purchase something from Cavin Cook but we really didn’t see anything for Morgan that we could decide on. Perfect Memorials was great! They produced the customization and the shipped within 24 hours. I was so glad, because once I get something in my head I am pretty impatient to receive it.

    The photos I took above aren’t that great (sorry) but the engraved sheets say “Morgan Avery Smith – A moment in our arms, Forever in our Hearts – July 12, 2014-October 9, 2014″. The other sheet says “Those we have held in our arms for a little while, we hold in our hearts forever”. Thank you Pinterest…. ;-)

    I cried when we sealed it up… that was hard….

    She sits in the living room on a display case along with a beautiful photo frame with her hand and foot print given to us by our sweet friend Heather when Morgan finally came home from the hospital. Several other items are there on the display case that were Morgan’s things… and Morgan sits right next to her Precious Moments guardian angel that followed her through her entire journey in the hospital.

    I have been working every free moment I have on the foundation these days. There is a huge amount of effort to get our first fundraiser planned and to come up with goals. The way I am looking at it is Morgan would have demanded this time from me anyway -so instead of feeding her, playing with her, changing her bathing her and caring for her each day I will devote that time to her foundation. We are currently finalizing the 501(c)3 application, which is very exciting. We are also working to plan our fundraisers for 2015. That is ALSO very exciting. There are so many ideas running through my head it’s tough to focus on just one, but with Congenital Heart Awareness week just around the corner we need to get moving on our first effort!

    We are definitely looking to do an annual 5k Poker Run. Since summer is too hot and spring is too soon, we are looking to do something in September of 2015. There is a great park with a cross country 5k course called McAlpine Park in Charlotte. I think that is where we will most likely try to secure as a venue for the event. I want to stay off city streets/etc because it adds quite a bit of cost (and we want to ensure every penny possible will go to our mission!).

    I will continue to plug away each day on the 335 Heart Foundation. Morgan will do great things!!!

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