• Happy Birthday in Heaven Princess

    Dear Morgan,

    Oh how I wish you were here for me to cuddle up with today. To wake you up to balloons and to us singing “Happy Birthday”. I bet you would look like your big sister Brooklyn. And she would love to sing to you. She will sing to you today. We ALL will.

    We are going to be sending up some balloons to you tonight. I hope you see them. Mama will try real hard not to cry. I miss you so much. My heart is with you baby girl. It is every day. I am still waiting for you to come visit me in my dreams. That would be amazing! It would be so great just to feel your weight against me and  the smell of you in my face.

    But – we will remember the happy times today. It’s your birthday! It’s bittersweet for those you left here on earth ,but we want you to know that we love and miss you baby.

    Love you always and forever.


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